If you are looking for authentic and delicious Chinese food then you are at the right place. Tan Yu, a renowned restaurant in the center of Singapore, has impressed diners with its superb Chinese cuisine. In this blog post we have provided you with the complete Tan Yu Singapore Menu along with the latest official prices.

Since its founding in 2017, Tan Yu has built a solid name for itself as a restaurant providing an outstanding dining experience that blends both tradition and innovation. They have many signature dishes such as Grilled Fish with Green Pepper, Chongqing Grilled Fish with Beancurd, and Grilled Fish with Garlic Flavour. They also provide a range of snacks and beverages.


Tan Yu Sg Menu can be categorized as:

  • Executive Set Meals
  • Dry Pot
  • Top Flavours
  • Barbecue Skewers
  • Cold Dishes
  • Snacks & Mains
  • Homemade Dessert
  • Homemade Beverages

Executive Set Meals

Fresh Green Pepper Grilled Fillet Executive Set is a hearty and satisfying meal dinner that’s perfect for a quick lunch or a casual dinner. It consists of fish fillet, rice, beancurd skin cabbage and green pepper sauce.

Fresh Green Pepper Grilled Fillet Executive Set

The Chongqing Grilled Fillet with Bean Curd Executive Set, also offered by Tanyu, is another delicious option for seafood lovers and fans of bold flavours. It consists of fish fillet, chongqing sauce, rice, tofu and fresh beancurd skin.

Chongqing Grilled Fillet with Bean Curd Executive Set

Soy Sauce Grilled Fillet Executive Set” is likely to feature a fillet of fish that has been grilled and glazed with a soy sauce-based marinade or sauce and served with rice and other accomplishments.

Soy Sauce Grilled Fillet Executive Set

Dry Pot

Bullfrog Dry Pot is a spicy and flavorful Chinese dish that features stir-fried bullfrog legs cooked in a “dry pot” style and involves stir fry vegetables and spicy sauce.

Bullfrog Dry Pot

Top Flavours

This kind of dish could be made by grilling fish that has been seasoned with green peppers or a sauce made with green peppers.

Grilled Fish With Green Pepper

The preparation of Chongqing grilled fish is usually spicy and tasty. Fresh fish is frequently used in the meal, which is either grilled or cooked in a flavorful broth seasoned with a variety of spices.

Chongqing Grilled Fish With Beancurd

Grilled Fish with Garlic Flavour” is probably a seafood meal in which fish is grilled and seasoned with garlic sauce, giving the fish a delicious taste and smoky flavour.

Grilled Fish With Garlic Flavour

Grilled Fish with Soy Sauce” usually describes a dish in which fish is marinated, seasoned, and then perfectly grilled while a glaze made of soy sauce is added.

Grilled Fish With Soy Sauce

The recipe “Grilled Fish With Seven Ingredients” calls for a spiced and savoury grilled fish dish made with seven different ingredients, which could include a combination of sauces, herbs, spices, and other flavorful ingredients.

Grilled Fish With Seven Ingredients

The term “grilled fish with spicy sauce flavour” refers to a dish in which fish is marinated, then cooked to perfection over a spicy sauce that gives the dish a zesty, savoury kick.

Grilled Fish With Spicy Sauce Flavour

A fiery, peppery fish dish. This can entail including a variety of peppers and spices into the recipe to give it a hot flavour.

Hot Spicy Fish With Pepper Flavour 

Sauerkraut, a delicious dish made from fermented cabbage, adds a tart and distinct flavour to grilled fish, which is usually cooked on a grill or over an open flame.

Grilled Fish With Sauerkraut Flavour

Barbecue Skewers

The lamb meat is often marinated or seasoned with herbs, spices, and other flavourings before being placed on the grill.

Grilled Lamb (3pcs)

Squid is often cleaned, marinated, and then expertly grilled in grilled squid, a popular seafood dish. It’s commonly seasoned with a variety of herbs, spices, and sauces to enhance its flavour.

Grilled XL Squid

The traditional method for making roasted scallops is to season fresh scallops with marinades, herbs, or spices before roasting them in an oven or on a grill until they are cooked fully.

Roasted Scallop

Sliced or half, grilled eggplants are seasoned, oil-brushed, and cooked until they take on a soft, melt-in-your-mouth quality and a smokey taste.

Grilled Eggplant

It’s a dish of grilled chicken with sections of mid-wing that are cooked in a way that combines spicy and sweet flavours.

Sweet Spicy Grilled Chicken Mid Wing

This recipe might include perfectly cooked grilled shiitake mushrooms, which would give them a smokey flavour and slightly crispy texture.

Grilled Shiitake Mushroom With Minced Garlic

To make grilled honey toast, first toast or grill the bread until it becomes crisp, and then drizzle it with honey to make it sweeter.

Grilled Honey Toast

Before being grilled, pork intestine is marinated in a mixture of spices, herbs, and a flavorful sauce.

Grilled Pork Intestine (3pcs)

The preparation could involve stir-frying or sautéing the golden mushrooms and garlic together, creating a savoury and flavorful combination.

Golden Mushroom With Minced Garlic

Grilled Pork Jowl in Mala suggests a preparation where pork jowl, a flavorful and fatty cut from the pig’s cheek, is grilled and seasoned with Mala flavour.

Grilled Pork Jowl In Mala (3pcs)

A tasty mixture of spices and herbs is marinated in chicken before it is expertly grilled.

Grilled Chicken (3pcs)

Cold Dishes

King oyster mushrooms are meaty and tasty, and this dish, which can be served as an appetizer or main course, has them bathing in a vibrant tangy sauce.

Hot & Sour King Oyster Mushroom

The main elements of the dish are usually cooked thin wheat noodles and chicken, which are topped with different toppings after cooling.

Chongqing Cold Noodle With Shredded Chicken

Cucumber with Minced Garlic” most likely refers to fresh cucumber slices that are served raw or pickled and paired with a tasty sauce made from minced garlic.

Cucumber With Minced Garlic

Snacks & Mains

It likely refers to the basic steamed rice served alongside their main attractions, like Tan Yu famous grilled fish.


Noodles with Onion Oil from Tan Yu Singapore likely features egg noodles or a similar type of noodles, tossed in a flavorful sauce made with aromatic onion oil.

Noodle With Onion Oil

Tan Yu’s Lychee Shrimp Ball is a tantalizing fusion of sweet and savoury flavours

Lychee Shrimp Ball

It is a delightful and unique twist on the classic spring roll, combining savoury flavours with a cheesy surprise.

Tanyu Spring Roll

Fried Mantou is a tasty and fluffy dish made from the popular Chinese steamed buns called “mantou,” which are deep-fried in hot oil.

Fried Mantou

In general, “dumplings with chilli” refers to dumplings that are served with a sauce or side dish made of chilli.

Dumpling With Chilli

Chicken Nuggets with Crispy Garlic are bite sized pieces of chicken marinated in a garlic paste and then deep fried until they become golden brown and crispy.

Chicken Nugget With Crispy Garlic

Homemade Dessert

OH-YE! Coconut Ice Jelly” from Menu Tanyu Singapore is a delightful dessert which has coconut flavour and refreshing jelly texture.

OH-YE! Coconut Ice Jelly

Homemade Beverages

Thunder Grape Beverage is made by blending or muddling grapes with other fruits, herbs, or spices for customized flavors.

Thunder Grape Beverage

A traditional Chinese drink called Tangerine Hawthorn Drink is created using the dried peels of tangerines and hawthorn berries.

Tangerine Hawthorn Drink

A drink that combines the flavours of lemon and passion fruit is referred to as a “Lemon & Passion Fruit Drink.

Lemon & Passion Fruit Drink

This pleasant and zesty drink is made with a combination of lemon and lime juices, water, sugars, and other ingredients.

Lemon & Lime Drink

To make a delightful drink, Plum Drink could involve pressing the juice from fresh plums and mixing it with water and sweets.

Plum Drink

Water chestnuts are simmered with various flavourings such as sugar, pandan leaves, or ginger to create a drink that has a delicate nutty taste.

Water Chestnut

Coca-Cola with Lemon” refers to a flavoured variation of Coca-Cola that includes the addition of lemon flavouring.

Coca Cola With Lemon (320ml)

It is a variation of Coca-Cola Zero (a sugar-free version of Coca-Cola) with the added flavour of lemon.

Coca Cola Zero With Lemon (320ml)

Sprite With Lemon is a refreshing drink, characterized by a blend of lemon and lime flavours.

Sprite With Lemon (320ml)

Lemon & Lime Milk Drink is a beverage that combines the flavours of lemon and lime with milk.

Lemon & Lime Milk Drink

Water that has dissolved minerals and trace elements from natural sources is referred to as mineral water.

Mineral Water

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

No, Tanyu is not Halal certified because they serve pork in soups and other dishes.

Tanyu Sg serves an extensive range of dishes, such as executive meal sets, dry pot, cold dishes, barbecue skewers, homemade desserts and beverages. The menu, that caters to an array of taste buds, captures the richness and variety of Chinese cuisine.

The hot and savoury grilled fish at Tanyu Singapore is definitely the restaurant’s star attraction, but they also have a mouthwatering selection of other side dishes to complete your feast.

Tanyu is well-known for its flavorful grilled fish menu. They include both spicy and non-spicy options, such as garlic flavour and soy sauce.

Tanyu outlets usually have reservations available for special events. For information on reservations and other details it is advised to get in touch with the particular outlet directly or visit their official website.

  Final Thoughts

Tan Yu Singapore Restaurant is a hidden gem that should be appreciated for its superb cuisine, warm atmosphere, and excellent service. It’s a dining experience not to be missed with their vast Tan Yu Singapore Menu, which features the best of Singaporean flavours. This restaurant is a must-visit if you’re a local foodie or a visitor taking in the sights. You’ll have a great meal that will leave you wanting more. Eat Well, Live Well.