Tan Yu Tampines 1 (Learn Everything About It)


Tan Yu Singapore outlet is also located at Tampines 1. You can enjoy Chinese cuisine at this outlet with ease and comfort.

Tim LiewTim Liew
11:35 20 Jul 24
Excellent customer service! Will come back again.
Francis CheongFrancis Cheong
11:35 20 Jul 24
Good food with great service
Aily Tan Oui LiAily Tan Oui Li
04:41 19 Jul 24
tanyu have a the best 青椒烤鱼 in town . last time i visited found out our favors 无骨青椒烤鱼 is no longer in the menu. a bit sad. the price is no longer like affordable like they just opening. but they still are the popular kao yu shop in town.
Adrian LEEAdrian LEE
13:31 17 Jul 24
Well worth the price. The fish is very fresh. The skewers are good.
wei huangwei huang
13:17 17 Jul 24
Full of pepper and numbness.The fish is very fresh 👍Delicious 😋
zhuai wozhuai wo
10:38 15 Jul 24
Terence TTerence T
12:46 14 Jul 24
Rui Wen YeoRui Wen Yeo
13:44 11 Jul 24
Francis HowFrancis How
07:21 09 Jul 24
Good food and even greater service, really enjoyed my experience here
Jennifer KohJennifer Koh
07:16 09 Jul 24
Good service,nice fish to eat
dEn hOwdEn hOw
07:16 09 Jul 24
good service, good food
Fran HowFran How
07:13 09 Jul 24
Good food,good service
Tan Bee lengTan Bee leng
08:08 07 Jul 24
Jo TJo T
04:42 06 Jul 24
Asked to add water in drink as too sweet. Staff said they can't, only mineral water or ice available. Could have just suggested tap water! Don't appreciate this lack of flexibility. Food also wasn't as good as before.
Freddie Kwok C.KFreddie Kwok C.K
02:08 03 Jul 24
Fish is nice, delicious and fresh, recommended outlet for lunch and dinner, the interior of the restaurant is cosy and spacious.
myffoo -myffoo -
11:12 02 Jul 24
spacious restaurant not too crowded… tomyum fish VERY nice
07:45 30 Jun 24
yummy fish
Julie KangJulie Kang
05:01 25 Jun 24
Fish is fresh and service is good
Diane TanDiane Tan
03:50 23 Jun 24
Food is nice with good environment. Unfortunately, staff couldn't accept the discount vouchers we had as the machine isn't working which is a disappointment.
12:24 19 Jun 24
Very Good
10:35 14 Jun 24
Good food
10:36 13 Jun 24
joanna tayjoanna tay
09:07 08 Jun 24
M. NikaoM. Nikao
04:24 01 Jun 24
Of the many grilled fish options available locally, I would say Tanyu's limbo fish ranks high in terms of freshness and portion. The green pepper flavor is rather unique as most grilled fish restaurants offer the typical red chili ones. For those who can't handle spiciness, go for the mild level. I would have loved to see fried beancurd skin on the menu as add-on though, they only offered the non-fried ones which I don't really like. We enjoyed the tofu and shrimp paste. The shrimp paste order is bundled with fishballs but the fishballs aren't that good in terms of texture. The fish with a couple of extra ingredients is good for about 4 pax. Rice is of good quality and cooked to perfection (not lumpy) but comes at a price of $2 for a standard bowl size. The eggplant side dish is a bit oily but is tasty, order it. Restaurant is spacious with ample seating but I would think there would be a queue given the Tampines crowd during peak hours. We went at around 5 pm and there were about 5-6 tables filled. Crowd started to stream from around 5:30 pm onwards.
Cherrie ChuCherrie Chu
12:43 31 May 24
enjoy eating the fresh fish
Richard TanRichard Tan
12:38 31 May 24
Nice place to enjoy your fresh fish
Marcus NahMarcus Nah
13:40 29 May 24
Visited the restaurant on a Sunday night.. surprised that the restaurant not as crowded as before..The foods serve was pretty large portion compared to the last few times we went there. Food still acceptable.. as we ordered 2 grilled fish and quite some side dishes..
Yanling HuangYanling Huang
10:15 29 May 24
Khet LeeKhet Lee
13:08 26 May 24
for free dessert
Krystal KkKrystal Kk
06:23 26 May 24
Very yummy and didn't wait for long time, deserve it !
G “Savoury Trails”G “Savoury Trails”
09:30 25 May 24
TanYu in Tampines 1 has a modern, sleek vibe that's really inviting. It's a popular spot, so it's always crowded, but handling that crowd seems to be an issue. When I visited, the process was a mess. Orders were taken while people were still scanning QR codes to see the menu, which led to a lot of mix-ups. They were rushing to get orders out before people even had a chance to sit down properly, which made things feel pretty chaotic.Despite the chaos, the food at TanYu is really good. The menu has a lot of options, especially if you're into grilled fish and seafood. The scallops, in particular, were amazing. They were cooked perfectly – tender and flavorful. The seasoning was just right, enhancing the natural sweetness of the scallops without overpowering them. Every bite was delicious, showing just how good TanYu is at preparing seafood.Besides the scallops, their grilled fish dishes are also worth mentioning. The fish is usually served whole, marinated in a blend of spices that make it super flavorful. It's grilled to perfection, with a crispy exterior and moist, juicy flesh. The sides, like vegetables and rice, go really well with the main dishes, making for a satisfying meal.Overall, TanYu at Tampines 1 serves up some fantastic food but needs to work on its service. The scallops and grilled fish are definitely highlights, and the flavors will leave you impressed. If they can get their crowd and order management under control, this place could be a top dining spot. For now, be ready for some initial disorganization, but trust me, the food is worth it.
11:01 24 May 24
The standard of the fish is always good!
08:15 24 May 24
The taste is very nice,service also very good will definitely come again. Overall it is still a good restaurant with good quality of fish.
Regina TayRegina Tay
11:26 21 May 24
Good service very fast and friendly.
Joreen EmeldaJoreen Emelda
11:24 21 May 24
Good service and good food! Thank u!
Esther tanEsther tan
13:04 19 May 24
Food is awesome as usual and wonderful service provided by Alicia! Willdefinitely patronise this outlet again!
Jocelyn OngJocelyn Ong
06:30 18 May 24
Dined at tampines tanyu on a saturday afternoon. Not my first time here, but really pleasantly surprised during this visit, with much appreciation from the kind wait staff, alicia, who was very helpful throughout the meal. She noted that our shirts were white, and voluntarily brought over a couple of apron, and was very prompt with fulfilling our request throughout the meal.Meal was also as good as per usual standards! 🙂
Annie NgAnnie Ng
13:09 17 May 24
Service is fantastic! Love the fish!
05:35 17 May 24
Great lunch deals at great price.Great service and service staff is passionate!
DryDry “Awhile”DryDry “Awhile”
05:31 17 May 24
Very good food and good service
ney Ngney Ng
13:51 16 May 24
Jawa TeohJawa Teoh
04:30 16 May 24
Food is great, Alicia service awesome, love the environmental.
Avis NeoAvis Neo
04:26 16 May 24
Tdy taste abit diff. 青椒 taste more spicy. Appetiser box was served this time but was not served during my last 2 visits. Alicia is attentive.
Lily LeeLily Lee
10:03 11 May 24
Worse service ever!!!Went in to Tanyu outlet at Tampines 1 (on Monday 29th Jan 2024 around 3.35pm in the afternoon) to buy takeaway but was served by a condescending male chinese supervisor speaking mandarin with a malaysian accent.The restaurant was almost empty when their last customers left as we entered.This male supervisor then told us most of the items in the menu are not available for take-out for a host of his own self-concorted reasons.He proposed the feasible & available items for takeaway are the higher priced whole fish dishes.Then told us that take-outs will also be imposed service charges.What I felt was that he was trying to get us buy their higher priced items on their menu with service charge imposed even for takeaway.I find this very unethical & disturbing, hence proceed to information/reception counter of the mall to enquire.The lady that attended to us at the mall information counter was most helpful & patient.She went to check with the relevant management who confirm that takeout is available for all food items on the restaurant menu & no service charges should be imposed on takeaways.A very bad experience that left me very let down by the restaurant.
yanxin caoyanxin cao
11:13 09 May 24
Fish is delicious and children love it
Angel PengAngel Peng
10:48 09 May 24
Valarie GohValarie Goh
10:06 09 May 24
Alina YeAlina Ye
09:44 09 May 24
Excellent choice of fishes
Joon Wei GohJoon Wei Goh
07:27 06 May 24
Pepper CornnnPepper Cornnn
07:49 05 May 24
Not sure if I’m eating salted fish or grilled fish. Soup was damn salty and after adding more light broth, soup was still very salty. Mouth was dry after eating. Only ate here because of the grab 30% dine in promo, but still, I find that you can get much better food elsewhere for the price paid. Else, eat at the risk of your own kidney.
Fengling LiuFengling Liu
09:55 04 May 24
Worst experience. They r empty but insist us to sit in a narrow table. So bad.
Ven SiewVen Siew
09:31 03 May 24
Service was exceptional, a solid 12/10! I visited during non-peak hours to relish the tranquility. The food was fantastic!!!
Glenn AugustinGlenn Augustin
14:43 28 Apr 24
Amazing restaurant to dine in… such a huge outlet with very lively atmosphere 🎉 kudos to all staff for their effort 👏🏻💪🏻👍🏻
Daniel TeoDaniel Teo
10:19 28 Apr 24
Glenn the manager fronting the cashier was very patient and helpful in helping me claim my rewards. Excellent customer service
Alvin GohAlvin Goh
05:44 28 Apr 24
Joanne HoJoanne Ho
05:41 28 Apr 24
We were here for a celebration. Service and food were excellent! Will come back again
Amelia ChuaAmelia Chua
05:35 28 Apr 24
food was great
Koh Tiong PohKoh Tiong Poh
05:35 27 Apr 24
Xu LiufangXu Liufang
05:33 27 Apr 24
the waiters were really friendly and the food was really good. there is options for both kids and adults
Vivian TeoVivian Teo
05:29 27 Apr 24
05:29 27 Apr 24
Good food, fish was tender and flavourful
Chanel KohChanel Koh
05:29 27 Apr 24
Celebrating my father's birthday here as he loves eating fishes. He enjoyed so is my families.
Sam AndersonSam Anderson
06:12 20 Apr 24
Jeff LJeff L
06:06 20 Apr 24
Delicious food with different types of fish and soup to choose from. Hot food eaten in a cool environment. Shiok!
Adrian WSKAdrian WSK
05:15 20 Apr 24
11:13 18 Apr 24
Food is nice and promptly served.Waitress are attentive. Alisha very nice and made balloons for our birthday friend. ⭐️👍 will definitely come back again!
Hsueh Teng KongHsueh Teng Kong
07:22 17 Apr 24
Will like to praise Mr Weoi Hann from Tampines 1 outlet Tanyu for his patience and effort in providing good customer service to us while we dine there. He patiently help to make the flower balloons for us, which is not an easy task due to us having 7 guests , yet he is so willingly to help make the flowers balloon for us before we end our meal.
Junwen TayJunwen Tay
05:57 16 Apr 24
05:12 16 Apr 24
Eileen OngEileen Ong
06:52 12 Apr 24
Fish was good
Shauna SimShauna Sim
06:47 12 Apr 24
Jazlyn ChuaJazlyn Chua
06:23 12 Apr 24
Food is good portion is good!
Stan LeeStan Lee
09:24 11 Apr 24
Kevin GamegamesKevin Gamegames
09:22 11 Apr 24
Selene LimSelene Lim
03:05 06 Apr 24
Daniel SungDaniel Sung
12:37 05 Apr 24
Delicious 🤤! Fish is grilled and then put into a soup base. Pricing is a little bit above average and the portion is enough for 4 persons.
Larissa ChenLarissa Chen
06:08 05 Apr 24
Robyn WongRobyn Wong
06:05 05 Apr 24
Good food.
trish anthonytrish anthony
06:02 05 Apr 24
Angel'n TayAngel'n Tay
05:08 03 Apr 24
Ricky LiRicky Li
10:25 01 Apr 24
The food tastes good and the price is certainly not cheap.
Ha HaHa Ha
06:17 31 Mar 24
Irene OngIrene Ong
06:16 31 Mar 24
Seow Kiat YeowSeow Kiat Yeow
06:16 31 Mar 24
Hua Joi LauHua Joi Lau
05:09 29 Mar 24
Ivy TanIvy Tan
05:07 29 Mar 24
Serena XuSerena Xu
13:20 28 Mar 24
Good food and good service from Alica. She explained the menu to us in English 👍🤣
Roger TeoRoger Teo
06:12 28 Mar 24
11:13 27 Mar 24
Chu Wei WangChu Wei Wang
05:35 24 Mar 24
Have come here multiple times and the food is always great. Would like to thank Alicia as well for the amazing service!
Wang Jun HongWang Jun Hong
05:34 24 Mar 24
Good service Alicia!
Adam LiuAdam Liu
05:19 24 Mar 24
Food is on very fast; tender grill fish; the passionfruit juice is a must try
04:44 24 Mar 24
really like this 青椒烤鱼凌波鱼,every time must order dish. It’s also my mom’s favourite grilled fish store, and the service from staff Alicia is super!
Angeline WongAngeline Wong
04:14 24 Mar 24
Fish is good, drinks are enormous. Kid's meals are great - you get fish/chicken/hash brown/vege/rice/fruit. Staff are friendly. Five stars.
06:25 19 Mar 24
Peggy KonPeggy Kon
12:50 18 Mar 24
Matthias LimMatthias Lim
12:49 18 Mar 24
Pey WenPey Wen
12:48 18 Mar 24
Nice food
Jem JemJem Jem
12:41 18 Mar 24
Good but can be better with the food. Fish has a smell. Drink have alot of ice.
Felicia ChewFelicia Chew
12:48 13 Mar 24
Good quality fish. Very fresh n sweet. Very good service too. Pleasant environment.
11:43 12 Mar 24
Very tasty grilled fish!
Poon Kuan YingPoon Kuan Ying
06:59 12 Mar 24
Food is good and the service is great! The portion size was also huge
zhi yizhi yi
06:52 12 Mar 24
Food portion is very generous and service is good! Affordable two pax meal 🙂
Sing siew LimSing siew Lim
05:40 12 Mar 24
Anugrah ZhangAnugrah Zhang
06:45 08 Mar 24
Nice food
grey beargrey bear
13:20 06 Mar 24
Timothy TohTimothy Toh
13:09 05 Mar 24
Nice and tasty fish!
12:21 05 Mar 24
Overall experience was fine. Somewhat an acquired taste for the fish which could be a tad too spicy and oily. However they also have other BBQ skewer food which is quite delectable. We enjoyed the grilled lamb skewers. The home made barley was nice and not too sweet. It can be satiated towards the end. Can try for the experience if you haven’t done so.
Gerard TanGerard Tan
04:58 05 Mar 24
Hu YuHu Yu
02:52 04 Mar 24
Adenlyt LAdenlyt L
06:58 03 Mar 24
Ordered the green pepper grilled fish. Good portion for a pax of 6! Fish was very fresh. The grill meat was good, too, especially the lamb.
Annie YeoAnnie Yeo
06:52 03 Mar 24
Food is good, staff service is good too!
Keefe GKeefe G
05:12 03 Mar 24
Always great flavours!
Anson NeoAnson Neo
06:34 02 Mar 24
Luanne LauLuanne Lau
03:54 28 Feb 24
Nice place …
Wint ThuWint Thu
05:55 27 Feb 24
05:51 27 Feb 24
Food are good!
Teoh Wan TingTeoh Wan Ting
12:04 26 Feb 24
First experience with Tan Yu: Although the food took some time, the portions were generous for the price paid. Fortunately, we opted for less spicy, as it was already quite flavorful.
huixian chinhuixian chin
11:15 26 Feb 24
Grilled fish with green pepper is delicious😋, the fish is fresh and delicious
Jacqueline KhankhamJacqueline Khankham
06:03 23 Feb 24
Xen AngXen Ang
05:47 23 Feb 24
maria hengmaria heng
05:37 23 Feb 24
Lim JoyceLim Joyce
05:06 23 Feb 24
Nice food and great service
Ryan Li ZiqiangRyan Li Ziqiang
04:30 23 Feb 24
Great service crew. Fast service.
Wen YingWen Ying
11:48 18 Feb 24
Lee Boon SinLee Boon Sin
11:48 18 Feb 24
Rachel LeeRachel Lee
11:46 18 Feb 24
Crisanne PhuaCrisanne Phua
10:38 18 Feb 24
Chua Teck JianChua Teck Jian
10:33 18 Feb 24
Choon Leong AnnChoon Leong Ann
05:36 13 Feb 24
Tang Nam NaTang Nam Na
05:36 13 Feb 24
abhishek dwivediabhishek dwivedi
05:32 13 Feb 24
Kumar SelvaKumar Selva
04:51 13 Feb 24
Heryi LimHeryi Lim
10:40 12 Feb 24
The fish was delicious and expected for the price
Robin TanRobin Tan
05:09 08 Feb 24
Friendly staff serving us and the food is delicious. Good place for celebrations.
Jayna YeoJayna Yeo
04:51 08 Feb 24
First time eating here, food is delicious! Area is spacious and clean too!
Jayden LingJayden Ling
11:51 07 Feb 24
Jess NgJess Ng
11:51 07 Feb 24
Irene PehIrene Peh
04:46 07 Feb 24
One of the staff, Linda is very nice to recommend us. Service here is good.
Chris TanChris Tan
06:01 03 Feb 24
Chelsia LimChelsia Lim
05:40 03 Feb 24
Tee Zi HengTee Zi Heng
05:25 03 Feb 24
siewling owsiewling ow
05:24 03 Feb 24
Fiona Khoo Wei LynFiona Khoo Wei Lyn
05:23 03 Feb 24
ching chingching ching
06:17 29 Jan 24
Shiok until the fish tail. Drinks were nice too!
Jesslyn WongJesslyn Wong
06:16 29 Jan 24
The seabass is nice with just the right spiciness to enjoy.
David LowDavid Low
06:01 28 Jan 24
Toh Jian YongToh Jian Yong
05:47 28 Jan 24
Good fish
Mrs ChuaMrs Chua
05:12 28 Jan 24
10:01 21 Jan 24
This is the 1st time I had my meal at TANYU & I do love the fish :-)Like most of the eating places we placed order via our mobile & it was quite easy… however the waiting time was a killer… & this is not exaggerating but one of the diners sitting diagonally opposite our table actually fell asleep as the waiting time was more than half an hour zzzzFood wise, nice & appetizing so we actually ate quite a bit of rice which we normally dun 🤭 they have options for you to choose whether you prefer spicy or non spicy so that’s nice!Will definitely be back to try other dishes.
Winnie MC WeeWinnie MC Wee
08:25 21 Jan 24
The food were kinda salty. But overall you have to eat with rice to balance up.The oysters were huge and tasty.Eggplants was great.😋
Yvonne KuanYvonne Kuan
12:16 16 Jan 24
Great service and food. Nice music!
Andrew KohAndrew Koh
07:14 13 Jan 24
Nice place for Sat lunch. Food is tasty n the portion is right.Staff are all very friendly. Especially Ethan who came by to chat n Winsern who paid lots of attention to my table. Just heard that Winsern is a part timer- he should be full time! 😂Thank You very much for the complimentary dessert.Will visit again.
Jasper LowJasper Low
06:59 13 Jan 24
Great family dining experience.
Ryan LoiRyan Loi
02:47 12 Jan 24
GOOD FOODFood was tasty, ambience was lively and the place smells like mala ...
Winsern LauWinsern Lau
10:55 09 Jan 24
Food is very nice and friendly service from Ethan! One of the best Tanyu outlet in Singapore.
Christmas dinning😃🙏🏽Popular fo their signature dish on grilled fish stuff w lots of other ingredients like slice luncheon; enoki mushrooms; potatoes; etc,,,, c/w lots of green chili toppings n peppers 🍀🍀For those who luv spice 🌶️🌶️😜
John TangoJohn Tango
09:26 23 Oct 23
Food was rather salty for almost every dish including the pickled bamboo. The on-tap grapefruit, lemon drink is mostly ice, feedback to manager and was told it only serves 5 of their stainless drinking cup. Well it only served 4 full cups. Need to either wait at least an hour for 1/4 of the ice to melt or add bought mineral water. They do not add in-house water even though we told them we ordered flavoured drink & not ice 😄 oh well I suppose they wanna make a big margin out of these glass fountain drink dispensers. Perhaps better value to get the individual drinks.
Mr Food UncleMr Food Uncle
02:21 01 Oct 23
Wah, what a fantastic dinner I recently had at 探鱼 in TANYU Tampines 1! This place is very comfortable which is an awesome spot for dinner.I dived into their grilled fish with green pepper, sipped on some iced barley drink, and savored a tasty chicken skewer.The grilled fish was fresh and with the soup base, it had this amazing spicy kick that hit all the right spots. The chicken skewer was bursting with flavor and a nice add-on to switch a different palette on your taste buds. The iced barley's sweetness was just nice and refreshing after eating all those spices.Talk about a satisfying meal bro!
15:17 16 Sep 23
I had the pleasure of dining at Tan Yu in Tampines One, and I must say, the food was absolutely brilliant. Every dish was bursting with flavor, and the fish was incredibly tender. Their skillful pairing of fish with other ingredients truly enhances the overall dining experience. Highly recommended for those who appreciate flavorful and well-complemented dishes!

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