Tan Yu Bugis Junction (Learn Everything About It)


Tan Yu Singapore outlet is also located at Bugis Junction. You can enjoy Chinese cuisine at this outlet with ease and comfort.

05:13 24 Jul 24
Fish🐟...only eat fish
The Soya-Cincau DiaryThe Soya-Cincau Diary
03:55 24 Jul 24
Third time visiting here. Good food, good service
Cc10 BiubiubiuCc10 Biubiubiu
12:34 23 Jul 24
Tanyu never disappoint us for dine in and food always great. Even dinner on weekday also have queue but service still very good.
Lim RicksonLim Rickson
12:02 23 Jul 24
Food very good! Counter service girl very good!!
Kimberly LimKimberly Lim
10:32 23 Jul 24
Service was very slow. It says fully booked online but was empty when we cam
Albert PrinceAlbert Prince
04:44 19 Jul 24
Very nice with a little bit localized flavor
Tony TernTony Tern
10:17 18 Jul 24
The food is very suitable for my taste and the portions are large. The waiters are very kind. I will definitely come again with my friends if I have the chance.
Tan MarcusTan Marcus
10:17 18 Jul 24
YK LiewYK Liew
10:17 18 Jul 24
Very good 👍
Reyna TheoReyna Theo
06:42 18 Jul 24
Jie YingJie Ying
04:35 14 Jul 24
the fish is so great! love the environment and friendly staff here
Hemanth RajHemanth Raj
13:52 13 Jul 24
Kheng Wee LimKheng Wee Lim
07:46 13 Jul 24
Very good meal, fish was fresh as well!Taste on the point as well.
Priscilla WangPriscilla Wang
07:01 13 Jul 24
06:52 13 Jul 24
Food is very delicious! The fish is so fresh! Excellent service from Esther! Recommended! Will come again!
Teng Peng LeongTeng Peng Leong
05:31 09 Jul 24
04:53 09 Jul 24
The service was friendly and efficient.
Darrence CheowDarrence Cheow
03:50 09 Jul 24
Xu HeyuanXu Heyuan
08:34 08 Jul 24
Grilled fish is their specialty, and I really like their pickled fish.
Xian RichardXian Richard
06:56 08 Jul 24
The service attitude is good and the food is delicious. Will come again next time!
Yvonne NiaYvonne Nia
05:33 04 Jul 24
mila tanmila tan
13:27 03 Jul 24
Everything Good
Wong MeikeiWong Meikei
12:29 03 Jul 24
Nice environment and food taste good . Will revisit again 👍🏻
Xiao RouXiao Rou
12:07 03 Jul 24
Good service
08:24 03 Jul 24
very good nice enviroment
Zhichun CaoZhichun Cao
05:05 29 Jun 24
Very good fish! Loving it.
Muxue ChenMuxue Chen
05:05 29 Jun 24
Nice Fish
05:04 29 Jun 24
Great food, great services
Teo Seng MeeTeo Seng Mee
08:45 28 Jun 24
Staffs are friendly
john yanjohn yan
08:41 28 Jun 24
Great taste👍👍👍
Sutton ChenSutton Chen
04:06 24 Jun 24
The food is delicious 😋The grilled fish with pickled cabbage was sour but not spicy enough, which was a pity.The clerk has no service enthusiasm at all and is quite lazy...Just try it out.
07:15 23 Jun 24
Delicious but too numb
Chloe TanChloe Tan
06:32 23 Jun 24
Great food!
beckham ko ren Kaibeckham ko ren Kai
06:30 23 Jun 24
Kenny edward YapKenny edward Yap
05:54 23 Jun 24
Shierley PangShierley Pang
03:59 19 Jun 24
apple gaoapple gao
03:50 19 Jun 24
DD GaoDD Gao
03:44 19 Jun 24
Shaun DecruzShaun Decruz
11:53 18 Jun 24
Jasper LeeJasper Lee
11:21 18 Jun 24
Very tasty. Will recommend!
Ong Siew ngoOng Siew ngo
04:48 14 Jun 24
Laura LauraLaura Laura
07:24 13 Jun 24
Delicious, worth checking out
Xiao ToumingXiao Touming
07:24 13 Jun 24
Wan Xia's service is great! Very delicious~ Come again next time
Chen XianwenChen Xianwen
04:55 13 Jun 24
I like grilled fish with green peppers. The taste is yummy. Will try again
xiaotong Yuxiaotong Yu
04:30 13 Jun 24
I tried a new flavor. The one with strong hairy blood is super delicious. The more it is simmered, the more delicious it becomes.
Shiba InuShiba Inu
05:07 09 Jun 24
Spicy, fragrant and tasty, definitely worth a try
Xin WangXin Wang
04:56 09 Jun 24
Very nice food. Fish is very fresh, I chose Limbo fish very tender Bugis outlet very good service I will come again
04:22 09 Jun 24
It’s delicious, the environment is great, the taste is great, the service is very attentive, I love it
Nissan ChenNissan Chen
03:45 09 Jun 24
Very nice environment. Free appetizer too. Bugis outlet very awesome. Fish is fresh and service is outstanding. Well done.
tan huiroutan huirou
07:08 08 Jun 24
04:48 04 Jun 24
First time here, staff is friendly and good service. Will come again
Dlashes AuthorizerDlashes Authorizer
04:46 04 Jun 24
First time here, staffs are friendly and service is good.
Mj CMj C
04:08 04 Jun 24
Fish is fresh, portion reasonable and location convenient
Stella YStella Y
04:06 04 Jun 24
Came here during weekday lunch. No need to queue, can just walk in. Food is fresh and nice.
Looi Ming ShengLooi Ming Sheng
05:35 30 May 24
Claudia LimClaudia Lim
05:29 30 May 24
first time at tanyu and enjoyed my meal! had a soy sauce fillet executive set which was quite value for money. also had the grilled eggplant which was oily and tastey but lacked a bit more garlic flavour. noodles with onion was very yummy.
13:16 29 May 24
Nice and comfortable environment. Food quality is amazing as always! And service is excellent too.
Teddy BeaTeddy Bea
12:57 29 May 24
Super nice and yummy!!!
Tingting LeeTingting Lee
12:50 29 May 24
Love the food here although it’s on a pricier side.
Quek Leng AngQuek Leng Ang
05:38 25 May 24
Food is nice. No queue.
Lydia TingLydia Ting
05:38 25 May 24
Very good fresh fish
Xu Zhe KaiXu Zhe Kai
05:31 25 May 24
Nice food good service
Chin YilinChin Yilin
05:23 25 May 24
Aaron TanAaron Tan
04:53 25 May 24
Cynthia PngCynthia Png
04:55 20 May 24
Katherine KohKatherine Koh
04:52 20 May 24
Fresh n delicious
Rachel WangRachel Wang
04:51 20 May 24
Great food
Angel TanAngel Tan
04:50 20 May 24
good service and fresh fish
Ivy LimIvy Lim
04:44 20 May 24
Fish very fresh and delicious
Jack LowJack Low
05:34 15 May 24
Things are good
Jacky NgJacky Ng
05:31 15 May 24
The fish is delicious, it tastes the same as the Tanyu I had in China.
05:30 15 May 24
The environment is neat and clean and very comfortable! A very happy lunch~
shellmin wangshellmin wang
12:56 14 May 24
Amazing food and service
infinity & coinfinity & co
12:49 14 May 24
Good food and good service
Eugene TanEugene Tan
11:45 09 May 24
1 hour and counting for my food. apparently hotpots need to be caught before serving.
Alina ChongAlina Chong
11:15 07 May 24
2nd time trying the grilled fish with fresh green pepper with limbo fish, very nice. Yang yang provides a very good service.
Fel FelFel Fel
11:07 07 May 24
Nive atmosphere and attentive staff. 2nd time trying tan yu
Jia YiJia Yi
11:06 07 May 24
Excellent customer service and atmosphere is good! Extensive menu too
Royston TohRoyston Toh
05:08 07 May 24
Good food with fast efficient & courteous service
Allan SoongAllan Soong
01:29 01 May 24
Nice mala grill fish.
Glenn AugustinGlenn Augustin
11:03 30 Apr 24
Another awesome Tanyu outlet @ Bugis Junction… cozy, open-aired, lively atmosphere and friendly crew… sauerkraut fish fillet and coconut ice-jelly are the best!
jiazheng weejiazheng wee
08:30 30 Apr 24
Very tasty
Teoh Shu ZhenTeoh Shu Zhen
08:29 30 Apr 24
Not bad 👍
xinyi looxinyi loo
08:24 30 Apr 24
Lee liLee li
05:16 30 Apr 24
Sally WangSally Wang
04:48 30 Apr 24
The food here is so delicious
02:47 30 Apr 24
It tastes good and the drinks are delicious too
07:56 29 Apr 24
The food is delicious and the service attitude is good.
kimchuan tankimchuan tan
07:54 29 Apr 24
08:13 24 Apr 24
Tried their green pepper limbo fish soup, eggplant and chicken & lamb skewers. The taste suits our palate, we chose the less-spiciness level for the soup and we love it.The service was quite good despite the full-house lunch hour situation on Sunday.
13:52 19 Apr 24
the fish is not cook well and look not so fresh, very disappointed. hope this is just coincidence.
Ace YeoAce Yeo
09:59 16 Apr 24
Yang Yang very good service.
Gan AliceGan Alice
12:08 15 Apr 24
Nice food.
Angeline ChuAngeline Chu
07:17 15 Apr 24
Good dining experience, staff very friendly and helpful. Food was delicious!
06:15 14 Apr 24
Good dining environment
Hendro TjieHendro Tjie
10:30 13 Apr 24
During our visit to Bugis Junction, we had the pleasure of dining at TanYu. We tried their Green Pepper Fillet Fish Soup (about SGD 25), and it was a delightful experience! The fish was tender and perfectly cooked, while the green pepper broth was flavorful with just the right amount of spice, making it a comforting yet exciting dish.The service was welcoming and efficient, enhancing the overall dining experience.If you find yourself at Bugis Junction, I highly recommend stopping by TanYu for this dish!
Valerie LuaValerie Lua
11:07 12 Apr 24
You can't go wrong with Tanyu~ Try their green pepper with limbo fish. It's my go to! Bbq chicken wing without chilli is also the bomb!
05:29 09 Apr 24
Was served by Yang Yang who was very friendly and kind, food looks very appetizing as well
xaeus yongxaeus yong
05:29 09 Apr 24
Good service by yang yang and good food. 👍
Keegan TanKeegan Tan
10:55 08 Apr 24
the waitress is very friendly.
Darren ChanDarren Chan
10:55 08 Apr 24
Tanyu is very nice would recommend
Sim Lee KianSim Lee Kian
06:01 07 Apr 24
Esther give excellent service! We have a very great time here! Food are delicious! Recommended! Will come again ☺️
Gavin TeoGavin Teo
05:07 04 Apr 24
Good food and service
Shi Min KohShi Min Koh
05:07 04 Apr 24
Joleen LaiJoleen Lai
05:06 04 Apr 24
Great service and the food is superb! Will definitely be back
damien chongdamien chong
10:13 01 Apr 24
Great customer service
Issey RaoIssey Rao
10:12 01 Apr 24
Nice food
Mia TokMia Tok
04:36 31 Mar 24
Very delicious😋😋
Maria FransiskaMaria Fransiska
14:43 29 Mar 24
I like it.The service was very fast, and while waiting, they were given snacks which my mother really liked. Even though the price is a bit expensive, ma'am...The grilled fish is delicious, the sauce is really delicious... The grilled eggplant is also delicious... I miss it...
Desmond GotchaDesmond Gotcha
09:29 29 Mar 24
Fantastic fish! Spiciness just nice~ all their appetizers are 10/10 too! And their refreshing drink is huge value for money!
Kean HoongKean Hoong
04:55 28 Mar 24
Xin YingXin Ying
04:54 28 Mar 24
Nice atmosphere! Food is tasty too
perk kang khooperk kang khoo
05:06 26 Mar 24
Thanks to the waiter yang yang, I recommend the grilled fish with green pepper and jumbo❤
Cheong Khee JenCheong Khee Jen
05:00 24 Mar 24
Great food and service
Irene LowIrene Low
05:00 24 Mar 24
04:45 22 Mar 24
04:35 22 Mar 24
Food was good and service was great. Appreciated the service from uncle tan ✨✨
Desiree tanDesiree tan
04:34 22 Mar 24
Very entertaining experience. Enjoyed my lunch with good food & amazing service.Uncle Tan 👍🏻
teck giap tanteck giap tan
07:27 21 Mar 24
cynthia good fish good food
Amanda TanAmanda Tan
05:16 21 Mar 24
fresh fish
Huang JYHuang JY
12:49 16 Mar 24
Good Experience
janice ngjanice ng
12:49 16 Mar 24
Will definitely come again next time.
khor sukykhor suky
12:48 16 Mar 24
good experience 👍
Su Weng ShengSu Weng Sheng
12:48 16 Mar 24
Thumbs up
12:48 16 Mar 24
Putri ayu LestariPutri ayu Lestari
04:30 11 Mar 24
The Food is very good, love tan yu bugis
qin yiqin yi
05:35 10 Mar 24
good food, nice ambience for chatting
Admin ShopAdmin Shop
04:31 10 Mar 24
Good food
03:59 10 Mar 24
very large portion. very good service. Highly recommended.
J LeongJ Leong
14:02 08 Mar 24
First time visit this place although I have heard about how tasty the food is. The queue is very long on a Friday evening, fortunately we have reserved a table in advance.We ordered green chilli fish, garlic fish, scallion noodles, rice cake, lime & lemon juice. Very satisfied with the quality, all the food taste so good and fresh. I will definitely visit again.
Ashley Yap YXAshley Yap YX
05:55 07 Mar 24
Will be back again!
05:54 07 Mar 24
Josephine Lee BCJosephine Lee BC
05:50 07 Mar 24
Jacqueline ChuaJacqueline Chua
05:26 07 Mar 24
The food is really good
Audrey LimAudrey Lim
05:25 07 Mar 24
Great food!!!! Went during weekday lunch and manage to get seats without reservations too
Shellianne TanShellianne Tan
10:59 01 Mar 24
Service was amazing and Uncle Tan was really nice haha
Gareth LowGareth Low
10:59 01 Mar 24
Uncle Tan has great service!!!
Mingna HuangMingna Huang
10:22 01 Mar 24
We love tan yu!
Lan ZhangLan Zhang
08:22 01 Mar 24
Staff are very friendly
Gooi Song HeanGooi Song Hean
11:45 25 Feb 24
Uncle Tan very good
Elis PehElis Peh
09:38 25 Feb 24
May very good service
Ivonne AwIvonne Aw
09:27 25 Feb 24
All flavours are nice!Was served by May in bugis, and we felt very at home. Thank you!
Ee Li ChinEe Li Chin
07:01 25 Feb 24
Good service,staff nicely..
06:54 25 Feb 24
Esther good service. Food is nice as well.
Junliang LeeJunliang Lee
05:51 21 Feb 24
Nice food
swee yauswee yau
05:49 21 Feb 24
beng milobeng milo
05:49 21 Feb 24
05:48 21 Feb 24
Yee Theng ChiaYee Theng Chia
05:21 21 Feb 24
Good food and good service ~ Recommended👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
jolene teojolene teo
05:42 16 Feb 24
lydia lulydia lu
05:39 16 Feb 24
Andri HalimanAndri Haliman
05:35 16 Feb 24
Shmily TanShmily Tan
05:20 16 Feb 24
The service is nice and taste is good
Zhen ZhangZhen Zhang
05:12 16 Feb 24
Sun WoliSun Woli
06:15 11 Feb 24
This is a wonderful experience
Lu XuLu Xu
05:46 11 Feb 24
mety susymety susy
05:33 11 Feb 24
Very delicious
Tan WinnieTan Winnie
05:06 11 Feb 24
Pickled fish tastes good👍The waiters are also very patient.
Joanna SuJoanna Su
05:02 11 Feb 24
The fish is fresh, taste good👍
chan paumoychan paumoy
05:52 06 Feb 24
Good food
Philip LeePhilip Lee
05:48 06 Feb 24
Bea DanicaBea Danica
05:47 06 Feb 24
Lim Wen-jieLim Wen-jie
05:45 06 Feb 24
Super good and will come again
Li BiruLi Biru
05:39 06 Feb 24
Theam siang was very very attentive and take our feedback seriously
13:18 31 Jan 24
This is SO GOOD! The food were delicious and the staff were helpful and friendly. Definitely my go to restaurant in Singapore!
Fransiscus AtmadjaFransiscus Atmadja
08:38 31 Jan 24
The ambience is lovely for family. The food portion is plenty. Ordered a big sea bass with peppercorns, a bit strong for my taste, but the fish has a clean taste and no smell. Overall great experience.
Yu YingYu Ying
07:37 30 Jan 24
Andreas NoviantoAndreas Novianto
07:35 30 Jan 24
Very good meal. Eggplant is a must.
Flora TanFlora Tan
04:18 30 Jan 24
Always the best flavor!
04:54 27 Jan 24
Yang Yu n haoYang Yu n hao
04:53 27 Jan 24
Jun WangJun Wang
04:53 27 Jan 24
Nice restaurant.
Su LichaoSu Lichao
04:53 27 Jan 24
cohen cheongcohen cheong
06:23 26 Jan 24
15:28 21 Jan 24
Always loved grilled fish. Fish was very well cooked and super tender. Lobo fish. The soup was super duper tasty, gotta say one of the best I've tasted. Thankfully their drink portions were huge for 1. Tongue was slightly stinging from probably too much salt added to make it super tasty.Downside was that the preparation time took too long even on a not so crowded day. Waited approx 30 mins for the fish to be served.
13:55 20 Jan 24
Ordered at 8:20pm and the fish served at 9:10pm. The other table that was seated 20 mins after us got their fish served first. Food is nice but system sucks.
Tan ScTan Sc
13:08 20 Jan 24
Not even 9.15pm last order don’t let people in and order . Lousy service . If business is so good on weekend , don’t put on notice for the time . Specially come down and eat . Spoilt my mood . Bugis outlet .
Nguyen Thi HieuNguyen Thi Hieu
05:19 19 Jan 24
Service very poor wait one hours food come wrong fish
Chantal LeowChantal Leow
04:36 18 Jan 24
The staff Woo thean xiang is very helpful.
May LamMay Lam
09:36 15 Jan 24
14:46 13 Jan 24
We got the number plate at about 8.45-50 minutes, but when we waited for the last order, we still hadn’t entered. The waiter asked us if we still wanted to eat after the last order. We wanted to say that we had already waited, so we said we still wanted to eat. Thank you for your help. We arranged seats, but nothing happened when we went in to order food. I hope they can strengthen training. They should first tell us that if there is no seat for us after the last order, we will not be able to eat, or we should ask what kind of meal we are eating when we line up. Order and let us know in advance if the meal is still available
TW ChongTW Chong
11:44 13 Jan 24
We took the queue number at 5pm (before peak hour) and had to wait for 45 mins while the restaurant still had at least 4 tables vacant. Suggest to reserve in advance.
Daniel YeoDaniel Yeo
06:30 11 Jan 24
Nancy NGNancy NG
04:57 08 Jan 24
bugis tang yu is my favorite place to come! The food is delicious! The service staff's attitude is very good.
03:11 01 Jan 24
Ordered the soy sauce flavour as we were worried about the spice. Taste is good, but gets very salty very quickly when the soup boils down. Can request for top up of soup base to dilute it. Good place to slowly eat and catch up with friends.
Javier LimJavier Lim
13:42 26 Dec 23
No better time to feast on Tanyu's signature grilled fish to enjoy a whopping 30% off Sea Bass orders when you dine in at any TANYU outlets from now till 18 Mar 2024!Signature Grilled Fish with Fresh Green Pepper with upgraded sea bass is sourced from 100% marine breeding which guarantees safety and quality, boasting a bouncier, juicier and more succulent texture ideal for extended boiling. With each serving now weighing at least 1kg, it is definitely value for money and perfect for sharing among families and friends. The broth is super shiok and we added Traditional Beancurd and Golden Combination which are simply mouthwatering when fully absorbed with the broth with enjoyable  peppery & numbing sensation.For those looking for some carbo, you have to order their qq & flavourful Noodles with Onion Oil and Chongqing Cold Noodles with Shredded Chicken.We also enjoyed a spread of delectable sides which left us with satisfied tummies.🐔Poached Chicken with Chilli Oil🍤Lychee Shrimp Ball🍆Grilled Eggplant🌾Double Taste Rice Cake🫑Eggplant with Roasted Pepper🐥Grilled Chicken🥩Grilled LambDon't miss out on their refreshing 🍇Thunder Grape Drink &🍹Tangerine Hawthorn Drink!Satisfied tummies.
Michael LeeMichael Lee
09:08 01 Oct 23
This place is a great option for enjoying fried fish in town. The initial taste is fantastic, but it can become a bit salty over time.The prices are on the higher side too.If you're planning to dine with a group of 8 people, be aware that this outlet doesn't have a dedicated large table. They usually merge two smaller tables, which might still feel quite cramped for a party of that size.
Ashley Matthew TeoAshley Matthew Teo
14:39 10 Sep 23
First time trying. Definitely a good one. Not a spice-tolerant person but the fish and soup were really delicious before the rest of the spice mixed in. Then it was too spicy for me. But the food was really good. The drink portion was really big too for a single person. Atmosphere was good too, but my one complaint is that some of the staff members were behind our table talking loudly and laughing, I think while on their break. It felt a bit intruding for my family dinner but it's a small issue as it was only for a short while.
Emma LeeEmma Lee
13:03 10 Aug 23
Food is nice n not too spicy. Service is great, responsive n patient, drinks were served immediate at request for me n my thirsty peers! Nice touch to have tissue pack given at each table too. A good place to chat and dine! We had a great time!

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