Tan Yu 313 Somerset (Learn Everything About It)


Tan Yu Singapore outlet is also located at 313@Somerset. You can enjoy Chinese cuisine at this outlet with ease and comfort.

Darryl LowDarryl Low
16:15 14 Jul 24
17:12 12 Jul 24
We had the non-spicy soy sauce fish, but we found it too sweet and salty for our liking. Apparently, the green chili fish was the best but we didn’t order that. The mushroom with garlic was the best dish. The scallion oil noodle tasted like Maggie mee (but mee goreng) flavour with dried shrimps. The fruit tea was quite sweet as well. There’s quite a wait outside, so we were asked to return the table after finishing our drinks. I do think the portion was quite reasonable for the price though.
KYChingS YKYChingS Y
16:13 08 Jul 24
Over priced fish. Didn't enjoy the heavy sauces.
Don LimDon Lim
03:10 05 Jul 24
Decided to try Tanyu after the very long hype has died down and it did not disappoint. The limbo fish was highly recommended and we tried the soy sauce fish because we did not prefer spicy. The fish was soft, tender and very fresh. The grilled eggplant was also a very surprised addition, it was grilled to perfection and the taste was not too salty and not too bland, just right. The jumbo drink was humongous! It could serve 3-4 person and definitely worth the price, the only downside is that it tasted slightly diluted as there was too much ice. Overall satisfied and definitely highly recommended.
17:33 02 Jul 24
As a loyal customer, I would like to express my sincere disappointment with my recent experience. While I understand that mistakes do occasionally occur, the attitude and behavior of one of the staff members, Wan Xia was completely unacceptable. I found their lack of professionalism and manners to be offensive and rude.I was particularly shocked by the staff's lack of basic manners, such as snatching the bill away and walking off without a word, continuously pestering for payment in the middle of my meal, and requesting that I walk across the large and crowded establishment for the payment. This is not the type of interaction I expect to have at a restaurant of this caliber. I would like to request that any disciplinary actions be taken to address this behaviour.I cannot emphasize how important it is to have a friendly and professional staff that represents your establishment well. I hope that you will take my concerns seriously and take the necessary steps to improve the overall customer experience.The most baffling part of the experience was when I personally contacted the manager and was offered a $10 dinner and $20 lunch voucher as compensation. It’s very humiliating .
gerry ridwangerry ridwan
12:40 01 Jul 24
Food is super overated.Not worth waiting
Jess JJJess JJ
07:10 01 Jul 24
Bring my parents to enjoy the fish for 2nd time and they love it. Even the small portion is feed 3 people more than enough and the taste is lovely. Bit pricey though cos its only a fish and you need to top up for the side.. not even 1-2 inclusive veg.
Lee “Jess”Lee “Jess”
02:42 27 Jun 24
Almost a year later, I came to check in again for the Chongqing-style Tanyu at this restaurant. Same address, same table number, same taste.
Shiny SoulShiny Soul
05:13 23 Jun 24
Damien TcDamien Tc
12:43 17 Jun 24
Yohan KwonYohan Kwon
05:45 16 Jun 24
I had lunch on SaturdayI made a reservation, but since it was early, there were plenty of tables available.My child had the best taste!!!!I also ordered fried rice cakes and lamb skewers, but I don’t think I will have to order them next time.But it's worth trying the steamed fish one more time.We had green pepper GF limbo steamed fish.It feels like steamed flounder.Basically, I think it has a stronger malar flavor than pepper.It's a taste I've never had in Korea before, but it's bland.It's not enough to eat the soup, but it's okay to sprinkle it on the fish and eat it together.The fish is fresh and chewy.I ate everything except the skin and bones.I've been in Singapore for over 2 years and now I'm back.I think I'll come againWe had 2 adults and 2 children so we got about 100.
Xavier LinXavier Lin
09:59 13 Jun 24
Good food with good staff
01:40 12 Jun 24
Food portions are pretty big, nice ambience
15:04 09 Jun 24
love tanyu! for non spicy eaters there is the garlic flavour and mala for the spicy eaters. prefer the limbo fish over the seabass for sure. also my go to dessert the coconut jelly is delicious!
Teck AllenTeck Allen
07:57 09 Jun 24
Thumbs up
14:01 06 Jun 24
I think it's definitely more worthwhile to come in a group of min. 3 pax. The service staff was great and one of the Malaysian Chinese staff checked on our customized order and explained the menu patiently. The green pepper limbo fish was delicious and not too oily. We also ordered the eggplant which was average to me. Though it was quite way past lunchtime, restaurant was still crowded. Being a member of the avocado app got us some decent discounts.
23:14 31 May 24
探鱼烤鱼 - TANYU 313@somerset is an absolute delight for seafood lovers! 🐟✨ I visited this restaurant during my recent trip to Singapore, and it was an unforgettable experience. The atmosphere is lively and welcoming, making it a great spot for both casual dinners and special occasions. The staff are friendly and attentive, ensuring a pleasant dining experience from start to finish. 😊The star of the show is undoubtedly the grilled fish! 🐠🔥 The fish is incredibly fresh and cooked to perfection, with a tantalizing array of spices and flavors that left my taste buds dancing. I opted for the spicy Sichuan style, and it was a perfect balance of heat and flavor. The fish is served on a boat shaped platter, adding a fun and unique touch to the meal. 🌶️👌In addition to the grilled fish, TANYU offers a variety of delectable side dishes. 🍤🥦 The vegetables and tofu were fresh and well seasoned, complementing the main dish beautifully. I also tried their signature noodles, which were a delightful addition to the meal. Overall, TANYU 313@somerset is a must-visit for anyone craving delicious, authentic Chinese grilled fish. Can't wait to return! 🫶🏻
Lisa SunLisa Sun
10:07 29 May 24
Very good service staff
12:18 28 May 24
Luckily we didn't have to queue when we got there, and the environment was nice. But! The ingredients were a little stale (the mushrooms and tomatoes were smelly). The rest is okay, but the service attitude and the quality of the ingredients need to be improved! 😉
Laurence LauLaurence Lau
12:16 28 May 24
L.H ChanL.H Chan
07:37 27 May 24
A restaurant that I used to love eating at has now become a disappointment. Aside from the price increase, the taste isn't as good as it used to be, and they no longer serve the side dishes that originally came with the grilled fish. The service was also poor. When I asked the staff to change my chair, they couldn't find another one and informed us that they didn't have any extra chairs, despite there being some available seats at the time. My friends from overseas were also disappointed after trying it.
William ZhaoWilliam Zhao
13:52 24 May 24
V tasty!
13:51 24 May 24
Had initially booked at 7pm but could not change timing on actual day. Managed to change to later timing just by a phone call. Served by Kai Xiang. Nice and friendly staff. Yummy fish in green pepper. A little spicy. Fish is very fresh and delicious.
Tudor MarianTudor Marian
06:42 22 May 24
Patricia ZPatricia Z
06:17 22 May 24
Good food and service. The fish is fresh and tasty. Will revisit again!
Christine GoayChristine Goay
10:14 21 May 24
Food and service is very nice and attentive!! Must come! Their staffs here are very friendly as well!
Nancy LimNancy Lim
10:14 21 May 24
Zhi Qing KekZhi Qing Kek
10:13 21 May 24
Great service and a nice outlet to enjoy the food!
Joshua TanJoshua Tan
01:16 17 May 24
Came on Thursday evening, there was no queue and restaurant was somewhat empty. Ordered before 7, food arrived 7:30 and 7:45.Atmosphere is ever noisy and service tax should never be charged for the level of service provided.Food was good.
mich 888mich 888
03:10 15 May 24
Having a steaming pot of tanyu on a rainy day is the best!TanYu has been popular since it arrived in Singapore, with a constant long queue of customers outside the restaurant.Step 1 is to choose the type of fish you want. There are 4 types of fish – limbo fish (is known as Basa Catfish, is large and meaty, with a tender moist firm flaky texture), limbo fish fillet, sea bass fish, and qingjiang fish. TanYu’s fishes are all fresh and weigh around 1.2kg each.After choosing the fish type – then choose the flavours. Tanyu have 4 signature flavours – grilled fish with soy sauce, grilled fish with fresh green pepper (2 level spiciness), Chongqing grilled fish with bean curd (3 level spiciness), grilled fish with seven ingredients (4 level spiciness),You can also add side dishes add to the tanyu if you want. If the gravy starts to dry up, the staff will top up it up with pork broth.I ordered grilled fish with fresh green pepper. The fish was covered with green bell peppers and topped with a bunch of peppercorns. As the sides, I ordered enoki mushrooms, lotus roots, cheese tofu, and fresh bean curd skin. The side dishes were cooked under the fish, absorbing the gravy.Overall, the gravy is tasty and savoury, eaten together with rice. I do not find the sauce is spicy or have a strong “ma” feeling. Next time, I can try the 3 level spiciness.
Lee Ying YongLee Ying Yong
07:22 14 May 24
the food is nice, will recommend my family and friends to come over to dine in too.
qw winnieqw winnie
05:20 14 May 24
Friendly staff and the food is very nice!
The food is not delicious. The atmosphere is passable. Moderate service
June TanJune Tan
13:03 11 May 24
Nice dishes n very pleased with Glenn's great service and his recommendations!
Holly Huu NghiemHolly Huu Nghiem
05:20 11 May 24
Nicolette MichieNicolette Michie
22:16 10 May 24
Bad experience at Tanyu as staff starts to inform customer @ 945pm that restaurant will be closing soon.At 9.57pm(not even 10pm) staff came back to inform that restaurant is now close and we had to leave even if we are not done with our food.Seated @ 9pm for dinner.Food was out @ 915pmIf restaurant is so eager to close, they should stop receiving customers at 9pm…
11:12 10 May 24
It tastes great and the family is very satisfied.
akha diyahakha diyah
01:14 08 May 24
ling yien chiewling yien chiew
11:44 05 May 24
Good food owezStaff Anthony is friendly and provide warm hospitality. May look for him
Romi WhitemanRomi Whiteman
23:41 04 May 24
Faye CheangFaye Cheang
22:48 04 May 24
Second time having tanyu but first time trying in this branch. Ordered their signature green chili and personally didn’t like it because too maaa. 3 of us, we ordered fish and added on side dishes. Fish was in and but didn’t like the soup base. Slightly overpriced. Restaurant ambient was dim which I personally prefer bright lighting. I went for early dinner around 5pm ish. There wasn’t any queue. 3 of us cost around $100 ish.
12:18 03 May 24
I’ve been to 3 different Tan Yu outlets and overall i’ll rate the brand itself a 3/5. Generally, price isn’t worth it and the taste is so so. The best ones are still at Chinatown itself (near the hawker)For this outlet:Noodles 5.90(?) and not much taste. The signature fish is soaked with oil and when adding ingredients there’s not much. Lamb skewers super gammy 🥲Atmosphere smells oily/like bbq and you’ll end up smelling like it tooWon’t be back
Sasha ZhongSasha Zhong
12:35 02 May 24
Like the food here especially the grilled scallops made by xiao hui which was the main reason for us to come back! Tried their other food too which was also very good. Recommend to try
Nicole GohNicole Goh
05:50 29 Apr 24
Anthony from the 313 outlet was extremely helpful and attentive during the lunch today. We received really good service and will be back again for the same dining experience. Great job!
Justin CheeJustin Chee
05:50 29 Apr 24
Great food quality as usual, my go-to place for grilled fish! Thanks Anthony for serving us here! Love their other dishes too - cold noodles, grilled eggplant and chicken skewers!
Antonius JohanesAntonius Johanes
05:13 29 Apr 24
min xumin xu
05:22 28 Apr 24
The waiters at this branch have the best service I have ever encountered in Tanyu, especially Zhang Jia, who took the initiative to ask and help me get the soup and tableware for my baby's noodles, which made us feel very warm. The service is comparable to Haidilao oh!
Kian YongKian Yong
15:56 26 Apr 24
Delicious grilled fish. Now, indulge yourself in the succulent grilled fish alongside with its flavourful broth and some perfectly cooked rice. Lips smack.
13:54 25 Apr 24
joe fongjoe fong
08:34 24 Apr 24
First attempt to try this famous spicy hotpot fish, had a seabass with fragrance spicy fish, some drill lamb skewers and onion noodles.The noodles is a must never go wrong.Fish is really big and fish is freshSmells like hotpot after that but the meal was great.
Jonathan ChouJonathan Chou
15:39 23 Apr 24
Tasty and fresh fish. If their standards remain consistent then I'd say it is a nice place to visit for introduction to this style of fish dish. Non-spicy option available.Ambiance is cosy and great for groups of 4 (although able to accommodate bigger groups too).Service is prompt, polite and professional.
Mook TeeranajMook Teeranaj
12:11 22 Apr 24
The fish fillet was marvellous!! I couldn't ask for more *chef kiss* though it wasn't as numb or spicy as expected, but it's just right 👌 approved!Other dishes were equally yummy. Noodles was good, even the toast was good haha I love barley drink. Skewer was just so so.
H.M LimH.M Lim
15:37 20 Apr 24
Fish was definitely the star. The fried mix platter also not bad. Grilled eggplant also good. Would skip the Mantou. Skewers so so, quite tough... Scallion oil noodles ok. Definitely must try the fish. Will try the spicier one next time around.
Albert LimAlbert Lim
06:09 17 Apr 24
The best grilled fish hot pot style, and the server Anthony was great too, gave us free dessert
16:40 16 Apr 24
Hanna KristinHanna Kristin
15:35 16 Apr 24
My mandatory visit while in sgp. The taste so spiciy and salty. Pricy.
Nazurah RahimNazurah Rahim
10:29 12 Apr 24
The fish was realllllly huge! Worth the price and it tasted good. Staff like Kenneth was friendly and service was fast.
Sarah SSarah S
06:06 11 Apr 24
We had the grilled fish (sea bass) with green chili, fish was fresh and the sauce was good. Went perfectly well with the rice.Service was quick and fuss free. They do not serve complimentary water here, only bottled water available.Restaurant gets crowded during mealtimes, so be prepared to queue if you don’t have a reservation.
Josie LaiJosie Lai
04:27 06 Apr 24
Every time I come to Singapore, I must visit this restaurant. I don’t like spicy food. In the past, I always had Chongqing grilled fish with tofu pudding. This time I tried the grilled fish with fresh green pepper and sesame seeds. It was also great. The scallion oil noodles are also a must! It’s also a must order every time~
JK LeongJK Leong
16:38 03 Apr 24
Slightly more pricey than its competitors but food was delicious. The staffs here are also polite, friendly and attentive to customers. You could also takeaway leftovers if you cant finish there and then. Will be back again soon to try the different seasoming of tan yu, perhaps the chongqing spicy ones.
23:21 01 Apr 24
Arifin KomalaArifin Komala
07:53 31 Mar 24
Behnjemyn LohBehnjemyn Loh
12:11 29 Mar 24
If you are looking for a decent 酸菜鱼, this restaurant is the place for you. I was given the option to have the fish boneless so it is more convenient and safer to enjoy it. The acidity of the soup was not too overwhelming and I was allowed to refill the stock. The downside is the price. Given that I am not a fan of lamb, the lamb skewers were surprisingly good, with not a single hint of gamey taste.
Emily TanEmily Tan
11:32 29 Mar 24
Alicia is so helpful in our enquiry, food is good. Fish is fresh.
09:40 28 Mar 24
anthony is very nice this place has nice atmosphere and good service! nice food too!
Chelsea ChanChelsea Chan
09:39 28 Mar 24
Good food really nice friendly service 👍👍👍
Vera LeeVera Lee
09:39 28 Mar 24
Great comfortable atmosphere and delicious food. Friendly service. Will come back again!
12:28 23 Mar 24
Ng Aik JeanNg Aik Jean
05:19 23 Mar 24
Fantastic and attentive service! Thanks a lot Anthony! ☺️
Chris ChongChris Chong
05:10 23 Mar 24
We got a table fairly quickly! Fish fillet is good and thanks to Anthony for the good service!
Veno ClarkeVeno Clarke
17:21 21 Mar 24
great place for food and gathering!
Leonard SumaliLeonard Sumali
16:13 19 Mar 24
So much love the foods. The fish was soft n tender
13:46 18 Mar 24
My junior’s favorite restaurant
Max KieMax Kie
10:21 18 Mar 24
Anthony my waiter food is good but very spicy
Apple DingApple Ding
13:58 16 Mar 24
A little salty
indra dantiindra danti
10:50 16 Mar 24
Tiffany ValerieTiffany Valerie
04:56 13 Mar 24
food and atmosphere and great. love the dessert
12:21 12 Mar 24
Anthony was a great server and responded to our needs very quickly, and he was very friendly. Food was top notch!! My friends and I had the sauerkraut seabass, and the portion was so generous!
Cifer LeeCifer Lee
12:19 11 Mar 24
The grilled fish here is delicious. I want to try other grilled fish next time.Their waiter (Anthony) is also very considerate and provides attentive service. I will come again next time👍👍
Leon TLeon T
10:20 10 Mar 24
Had great service from Danny today! Since it’s CNY, he also served the fish with lots of new year greetings! Such a great way to start the new year.Will come back to try other flavours of their fish!
Shu Hui AngShu Hui Ang
10:12 10 Mar 24
Great food! Hann is a good staff and provides great service
Nan Hom Mao AyeNan Hom Mao Aye
12:59 08 Mar 24
Fresh green pepper grilled fish greatHann
09:01 07 Mar 24
Yang Qin KaiYang Qin Kai
10:07 06 Mar 24
09:49 06 Mar 24
It was a great dining experience with Mr Jia Jin that have providing us with excellent service!
Mahe MohanMahe Mohan
04:06 05 Mar 24
Alecia AsAlecia As
13:04 04 Mar 24
Thank you for the serviceMr anthony
jacky lionarjacky lionar
12:54 04 Mar 24
Very good service mr. Anthony 🙏🏻
Renee TRenee T
12:53 04 Mar 24
Danny’s good.
Kar Kei LeeKar Kei Lee
12:35 04 Mar 24
Good place for grilled fish with green peppers. We ordered the Qingjiang fish to try. Fish was fresh and juicy, not too much bones. Great dish for a rainy day. Service by Anthony was prompt.
Vincent OngVincent Ong
05:45 29 Feb 24
The fish is very delicious. Danny is very polite and helpful.
Ivan WeeIvan Wee
04:56 29 Feb 24
Food was great, Danny was very helpful
erika chenerika chen
13:52 28 Feb 24
how looihow looi
13:15 28 Feb 24
recommended by anthony.food was tastier and service was good.
Handoko TanHandoko Tan
12:36 28 Feb 24
Jessie SeahJessie Seah
05:18 24 Feb 24
I had a great time eating at tan yu!!! Would highly recommend coming back again!
Gabriel AngGabriel Ang
05:17 24 Feb 24
I love coming to tan yu as the fish is always fresh and juicy. Their server Jia Jun was very attentive to us. Would highly recommend coming back again!
gregory anggregory ang
05:15 24 Feb 24
Good service by Jia Jun.
Moonamjoon ChildMoonamjoon Child
13:59 23 Feb 24
Food was excellent, Danny the man who served our food was friendly and informative also super helpful. Portion was enough even for 3-4 people we also order for additional mantau which must have, food comes relatively quick and steaming hot
Mun fung WaiMun fung Wai
13:42 23 Feb 24
Danny was very friendly
Lily KurniawanLily Kurniawan
06:05 19 Feb 24
The staff danny here is so welcoming to me and my family, he is very friendly and kind to us. Overall the food and services are great
Felicia TanFelicia Tan
06:02 19 Feb 24
the food here is excellent and very delicious, the service here is also very nice and “ danny is so welcoming and very friendly to us while we dine here.
Kevin NgKevin Ng
05:46 19 Feb 24
Great service by Danny, wonderful food
Miscell DotulongMiscell Dotulong
05:42 19 Feb 24
Excellent service by Danny! Friendly and welcoming
PawImmanuel SimPawImmanuel Sim
05:39 19 Feb 24
Excellent service from staff, especially DANNY. 😄Super friendly and welcoming. Love the food and ambience. Thank you for the lovely experience!
Eric LeeEric Lee
05:46 14 Feb 24
Danny and jiajun service was good.
Jessica KehJessica Keh
04:55 14 Feb 24
Alicia has been informative friendly and helpful. We will come back becos of her
Wilson FooWilson Foo
04:44 14 Feb 24
Danny and Jia Jun
Jayden WongJayden Wong
04:23 14 Feb 24
The service from Danny and Jia Jun is very goodJust that the fish a bit different from what I eat from outsideFeel like jelly like that not so good
DuJiao GengDuJiao Geng
04:23 14 Feb 24
Very delicious. I come here all the time. The waiters Danny and JiaJun are very enthusiastic.
Meng KookMeng Kook
06:30 09 Feb 24
Good service and Danny is very friendly and helpful! Will come back again !
Haoxuan XieHaoxuan Xie
06:27 09 Feb 24
Thank Danny for his good service!
06:23 09 Feb 24
Danny's service attitude is very serious. I like it.
Min Pei ChuaMin Pei Chua
06:22 09 Feb 24
Served by Anthony! Prompt service and delicious food 🙂
Clara PlutoClara Pluto
06:13 09 Feb 24
Danny is very attentive and attended to us quickly.
YF OoiYF Ooi
04:38 04 Feb 24
We ordered the Limbo fish and the food is great! Anthony’s service was also a very helpful ! Thanks
Julian OoiJulian Ooi
04:38 04 Feb 24
Food was good and our waiter,Anthony, was a friendly server. Would come again!
04:38 04 Feb 24
Great service and food quality is consistent. Thanks Anthony for looking after us.
Welly SanusiWelly Sanusi
04:35 04 Feb 24
Nice service and good food provided Alicia
Thong Mei XingThong Mei Xing
13:52 03 Feb 24
Nice service from Alicia, very friendly!
Mildred TanMildred Tan
04:21 30 Jan 24
Nice dining experience, good customer service
Nick WangNick Wang
04:18 30 Jan 24
Good service. Booked for a company team lunch. Set up for us a nice cozy row of tables for us.
Tracy LimTracy Lim
04:17 30 Jan 24
Joanne KohJoanne Koh
13:14 29 Jan 24
Love the food here. Fish is fresh and appetising. Will definitely come back again!
Rachael KohRachael Koh
09:44 29 Jan 24
alicia was very attentive and friendly towards us. the fish is also very delicious.
Heng XinleHeng Xinle
14:13 24 Jan 24
Best grill fish in town!!!
Zachary LohZachary Loh
11:34 24 Jan 24
Jac JacquelynJac Jacquelyn
08:38 24 Jan 24
Having dinner last night, not getting help because not much staff working, but Hann still notice us and help even though come late. Thanks to Hann service and to food still nice.
Judy TingJudy Ting
12:30 15 Jan 24
02:41 15 Jan 24
Alicia's service was amazing and extremely helpful. We wanted to take away our food since there was quite a bit left and she was very proactive and attentive.We got the Green chilli grilled fish and it was fantastic, highly recommend.
Gerry YapGerry Yap
06:44 14 Jan 24
Grilled fish tastes the same as other outlets, but the sides were pretty bad. Oyster was way overcooked and tougher than grilled squid. Grilled eggplant was fried but hardly grilled. Grilled scallops lacked flavour (vermicelli that is served in the scallop shell was not well flavoured). Rice was undercooked. Way too different from other outlets..
18:16 10 Jan 24
The best szechuan style spicy fish in somerset. This restaurant chain from china has been my personal favourite for long
Evan CheongEvan Cheong
11:22 10 Jan 24
Always enjoy coming here for dinner. The food is delicious, fun ambience and great service from the staff especially from Alicia. Alicia is so helpful and attentive, make us feel so welcome.
00:27 08 Jan 24
Very nide Mala food for spice lovers. The Mala fish and green pepper fish was amazing and super spicy just how it should be!
Alvin TeoAlvin Teo
14:31 11 Dec 23
Food was great. The Chuan Chuan chicken was nice, as well as the cold noodles. The fish tasted amazing but after eating for awhile and drinking lots of the soup you get quite thirsty.Service was okay, we ordered potatoes as toppings but there was very little so we asked if they could top up and the staff did it willingly. Only mild thing that affected the experience was the staff made it quite obvious they were closing and kept keeping our plates and also told us. But understandable and not uncommon I guess.Overall quite a good first experience!
Magdalena HuangMagdalena Huang
07:33 25 Nov 23
I like the restaurant layout. It gives privacy for each customer. Good place for gathering.Food overall good as always. But would be perfect if less salty. The mala potatoes is dangerously addictive. Their grilled eggplants also great.
W LeeW Lee
00:30 07 Nov 23
Green pepper Fish was fresh and flavourful. We added vegetables, mushrooms and luncheon meat. There was a lingering ‘mala’ after taste. It was pretty unique but a little tad salty.Beef skewers a little too tough for my liking but seasoning was also perfect. If you haven’t tried these, go ahead and try it!
Angie ChngAngie Chng
11:07 22 Oct 23
Went on a Friday night. Quite crowded. 1st time trying out of curiosity.Food - good for 1st try but too oily and spicy for us. We seldom take strong flavoured food like this. Big portion too.Service - we were seated in a corner. So need to wave hard to get servers' attention if you need help. Overall service is good.

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